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Many companies embark on a BPI program in an effort to improve their operational performance and drive competitive advantage in the marketplace.


With the rise of Digitization and Cultural Diversity, it is expected that the demand for language translation services and professionals will increase to maintain the delicate balance between Cultural and Language Diversity Continuum. While Translation and Interpretation Professionals will continue to play an important role in Global Business Communication needs, the world’s language challenges and growing content needs cannot be solved with their help alone.

Translation technologies such as CAT tools and Machine Translation Engines include a wide range of highly developed systems such as, Neural Machine Translation, Agile Content and Translation Management and Linguists Consolidation platforms.

To seamlessly provide digitally localized content at cost effective and faster rate, Organizations need to implement a more diverse strategy that leverages both Human Professional Language Services and Technology components of the Language Solution Ranges.

Beno Language’s Strategists can help you with choosing the right platform and strategy for delivering high quality, cost efficient Language Solutions using a Hybrid Channel of Neural Machine Translation and Human Editing.

With our Hybrid Translation Model, our customers have been able to save 10-25% of cost on their New Word Rates and were able to launch their content 2 times faster.

Our Solutions are available for:

Key features of our Solutions include:

  • Language Corpus Creation and Data Curation
  • Voice Data Sets Localization, Recording and Quality Assurance
  • Linguist and Key-board Testing for Development and Expansion
  • Content Leverage from State-of-the-art Engines or Generally available Machine Translation Engines
  • Translation management technology to seamlessly integrate with your content management systems, translation memory and terminology
  • Quality Assurance and Post-editing environment
  • Flexible, volume-based price model

If you want to learn what mix of Translation Technology and Translation services is right for your company, contact our Language Evangelists today.

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