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Many companies embark on a BPI program in an effort to improve their operational performance and drive competitive advantage in the marketplace.


We have been partnering with Global Leading Companies on their Translation and Localization services requirements for 10+ years.

Beno is now introducing its latest Boutique Services under Media Back-Office service for our clients to benefit from our Global teams, Management Systems, and our Offshore Production and Technology Teams. These units work seamlessly as an in-house extension of our clients’ teams, enabling our clients to focus on their core business areas. We understand that client requirements can vary greatly and take pride in working strategically with every client to ensure their highest quality standards are met in supporting all Media Back-Office requirements before publishing anything.

Beno Media Back office

We are offering following major services under Media Back-Office:

  • Translation and Localisation
  • Creative Services
  • Content Services
  • Image Services
  • Digital and E-publication

Creative Services

Creative Services are subsector of the Media Industry, a part of the economy that creates wealth by offering creativity for hire to other businesses. Creative Services also means department within a company that does creative work such as Writing, Designing, and Production.

With our Creative Service, from Concept to Construction, our design and art teams work with you to capture your design philosophy and provide the most appealing visual presentation of your content and help to accurately illustrate the most difficult concepts.

With a deep understanding of design principles and product strategy, we work closely with content developers to ensure that the right design hierarchy supports your core texts, supplemental components and user interface.

Some of the services we provide under this are:

  • Writing, Designing, and Production
  • Design and Enhancement
  • Book, Cover design and Template Creation
  • Catalog and Brochure Design
  • Document Creation – Typesetting and Pagination

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Content Services

Content services are a set of services and micro services, embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications that share common APIs and repositories, to exploit diverse content types and to serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization. Some of the services which we provide under Content Services are:

  • Content Development and Editing of Content for Promotion
  • Verification of Content for best SEO strategy and delivery
  • Multilingual Content Localization

Our talented content team will work with you from beginning to end to deliver exceptional content in print and digital formats which is

  • On-Time
  • As per Specification
  • Cost Efficient

We keep abreast of educational trends and curriculum standards, and we work with you as content development partners to
Create, Develop, Design, and Produce content that is well Conceived, Organized, Current, and Accurate.
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Image Services

If the Quality is well executed, photo retouching and alterations can provide the finishing touches.

Whether your needs include adding or removing details on product photos, changing backgrounds, or combining portions from multiple photos to create a whole new scene, with Beno you can deploy Quality and Creativity in your design approach. Some of the services which we provide under this are:

  • Photography and Right and Permission clearance for editorials
  • Photo Re-touching and Editing

The permissions process is more complicated than ever before. With new technologies and customer demands for access to content on multiple platforms, our rights and permissions experts are ready to handle all aspects of research, clearance and copyright law.

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Digital and E-Publication

Let Beno help you to steer your digital transformation journey to smart, connected products and devices with highly secure connectivity, mobility, analytics and cloud solutions such as Website Development, SEO, Social Media Enhancement, and Mobile and Web presence with Digital Applications.

If you are looking to offer learning opportunities to your customers through e-learning programs, we can support you with Subject Matter Expertise, Instructional Designing, Graphic Designing, Programming, and Content Packaging services.

We can also support you with Legacy data conversion for Future-Proofing your content and making it available for global audience in the medium they prefer and the platform of their choice. Some of the services we provide under this are:

  • E-pub
  • Audio and Enhanced e-books
  • HTML and Flash Conversion
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • E-Learning Engineering and Localization

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